When I start working with a business owner, invariably one of the first issues we tackle is how to manage her time better. Increasing productivity is perhaps the most powerful thing an owner can do to start growing the business faster. We’ve developed a simple system that saves an owner at least a half a day a week, sometime as much as a full day. 20% more time every week? What a difference that can make to the business.

This article by Benjamin Hardy is a thought provoking reminder that the impact of the choices we make every day is huge. What will we actually “do”? How productive will we be? We we stay focused on things that drive the business forward?

Hardy quotes several experts and the themes share one thing in common: Your actions demonstrate who you really are and what you really believe.

Saying “yes” to a whole host of small things during a day robs you of the opportunity to say Yes to really big important things.

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