“I write down my goals so that when I get them, I’ll know I was brave enough to want them.”

That quote from Alexi Pappas starts a blog post nordic skier Jessie Diggins wrote just before she left for South Korea. Where, oh by the way, she won gold in the team sprint with Kikkan Randall.

It’s a powerful quote, one every small business owner should keep close at all times.

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Those goals are part of your True North. When you write them down, you get a gift that keeps on giving. You get to go back to those goals again and again, reminding yourself just how cool it will be to achieve them. How much you want it. You remember why you’re putting yourself out there and taking the risk in the first place.

And remember, hardly anyone does anything hard or daring or important by themselves. Jessie Diggins has a team. Trainers. Support techs. Sponsors. They’ve signed up for her goals too.

And so it is for you in your venture. Even if you’re a sole proprietor, there are people that are with you on the journey. You need to write down your goals and share them so that others can sign up with you. Everyone on your team wants to contribute to achieving the goals. But they can’t do that unless they really understand them, until it’s just as real for them as it is for you.

The quote also underscores the need to make BIG goals. Small goals, the kind that are just a layup, don’t inspire. The challenge of the big goals is where grit comes from, the power to persevere.

And when you achieve them, what an incredible feeling it will be to know that you were brave enough to want them.


I hope you saw the race. It’s a must-see for anyone who’s trying to do something bold and important. Talk about GRIT – holy schmoly, those two women were amazing. And here’s the link the blog post. Read it twice.