Kalabra Features

Smart Software

Kalabra is built on a simple, yet powerful growth management discipline that brings company priorities into sharper focus to grow the business. The software ensures complete integration and measurement of annual Objectives and Key Actions.

Expert guidance in small, simple steps

Our Growth Management Software makes it easy to focus on growing the business by breaking down the Growth Plan into four aligned elements:

  • Objectives
  • Key Actions
  • Measures
  • Tasks

Team Collaboration

Kalabra easily enables team members, partners, advisors, and experts work together to create and track a focused plan to grow the business.

Track Progress

Kalabra sets up clear commitments and assigns owners to execute the plan. With the Status Indicators, everyone can quickly see if the business is on-track or off-track to achieve the planned growth.

Strategic Foundation

Every successful plan is built on a strong strategic foundation.

  • The Kalabra 6 Block Strategic Plan provides a simple, 1 page, 3 year Strategic Plan template to align the company on where you want to be in 3 years and how you are going to get there.
  • Kalabra provides simple Target Audience and Value Proposition templates to be clear about who you are selling to and why you are going to beat the competition.

Access anywhere

Kalabra lives securely in the AWS Cloud, meaning that you and your team can safely access your plan on the road, in the office, or at the local coffee shop.

Free Resource

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