FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Kalabra Basics

What is Kalabra?
Kalabra is a growth planning and coaching service for small businesses. It is the easiest and best way to create an effective growth plan, get everyone to collaborate, buy-in and stay focused on growing the business.
Why use Kalabra?
We know its like herding cats in a thunderstorm to get all the right players in one place to think creatively, strategically and analytically – much less to agree – about what to focus on to build the business. That’s why we created Kalabra – to make it easy for small business teams and their stakeholders to collaborate, buy-in and understand what marketing works best to build the business.
Is my data safe on Kalabra?
Yes it is. We are hosted on AWS and your data is backed up nightly. We can perform full back up recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency. Our hardware is fully redundant, so if a single server fails, the system will not go down. Our uptime is 99%.
Is our data backed up in case of an emergency?
Yes, your data is backed up nightly. We can perform full back up recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency. Our hardware is fully redundant, so if a single server fails, the system will not go down. Our uptime is 99%.
Can we install Kalabra on our own servers?
We do not offer installable versions of Kalabra at this time. We maintain the servers, the security, and all updates and improvements —so you can focus on creating plans that grow your business.
Do you provide customer support by email or phone?
We provide unlimited support via email at support@kalabra.com, or text us at 206.203.0321.
How do I contact Kalabra for questions or support?
Please feel free to write us at support@kalabra.com, or send a text at 206.203.0321. We don’t maintain phone support at this time, but can certainly talk directly if you’d like. Just email or text us and let us know you’d like to chat.

Coaching Plans

What is a plan on Kalabra?
A plan is a series of Objectives, Key Actions, Measures and Tasks that a group of people collaborate and implement within a certain budget and timeframe. Plans in Kalabra can be an annual plan with multiple objectives with an integrated key actions, measures and tasks or it can be a simple one-time initiative for an individual. It is that flexible.
How many plans can I create on Kalabra?
You can create as many plans as you feel necessary to grow your business.
How many tasks can I have for each plan?
You can include as many tasks as you feel are necessary for achieving your goals but we recommend staying focus on those that truly impact the business.
How do I invite people to collaborate on a plan?
To invite a person to collaborate on a plan, you first need to invite them to be a user on Kalabra. Once they are a user, you can invite them to be a collaborator on a specific plan. Users are separate from collaborators because you may have multiple plans within your company and have certain people collaborate on certain plans.
Who can see my plans, campaigns, tasks, comments, etc?
Anyone you invite as a collaborator.
Can I upload old plans?
Yes, actually we encourage clients to upload as many relevant documents to your Kalabra account as possible including old plans, samples of previous tactics, results, market research, etc. Our experience has demonstrated that most people waste a lot of time looking for documents and data from past plans. Kalabra makes it easy and simple to not only store those documents in one place but importantly, easily access the right document when you need it.
How many documents can I upload?
As many as you feel necessary to make sure all of the relevant information is available to everyone interested in the plan.
Can I tag the documents when I upload them?
Not at the moment.
How do I remove someone from a plan or campaign?
Simply go to the Collaborators tab, select the Collaborator and click on the Trash Can icon.
How many plans or campaigns can I be working on at once?
You can work simultaneously on as many plans as you like. There is no limit. Easily create, collaborate, and track multiple plans.
What happens to plans once they are completed?
When a plan is completed, you can go to the Plan Status and click on “Completed” and it marked “Completed” in your plan list.
How much data can I store on Kalabra?
With the current version of Kalabra, you can store up to 10GB. As we expand to meet the demand, you will be able to sign up for more storage as you need it.
Can you customize Kalabra for my company?
We can work with your company to optimize Kalabra for your unique needs. Please contact support@kalabra.com.