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Map your vision

Better planning = better results

Align your team

Transparency = commitment

Keep what matters most in focus

Powerful implementation dashboard

Track progress

From one online location

Professional Resources

Tailored Sales Playbooks

Step-by-step sales process using best practices
Build confidence in your sales funnel
Scalable blueprint as your sales team expands
For new business, customer success, account-based sales

Kalabra Coaching & Training:

Creating the plan is one thing, actually getting the results is the key.

Every world class performer and team has a coach – athletes, business leaders, actors, politicians, sales teams.

They have a coach for one simple reason: they know they have to get out of their own way,
get out of their own world view, to get better, to be the best.

Our coaches teach you, motivate and encourage you. We make you instantly more effective.
Why? Because we’ve grown business as CEOs ourselves. Walked in your shoes.
Understand your joys and your fears.

And coaching has proven ROI.

What people are saying about Kalabra

“The Kalabra software helps our team crystalize our priorities and put plans and strategies in place. And holding us accountable with your coaching is awesome.”

Alec Bean

CEO, Best Buds

“A+! The collaborative aspect of Kalabra’s planning system allowed the whole team to be on board, have input and understand our upcoming growth strategy.”

John Sloat

CEO, UpTop

“Whether it was operational practices or market positioning, Kalabra has the tools, skills and experience to help us grow revenue.”

Greg Sundberg

VP Marketing, Moxiworks

Kalabra Coaching Minute Videos

Manage Commitments, Not People

You can’t sell to everyone. I repeat…

How to handle poor performers

The impact you didn’t know you had

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